Friday, May 9, 2014


I guess there comes a point, when most people that write a blog for some reason or another takes a hiatus. Mine just so happened to last about a year! Eek!

We've had a wonderful year of homeschooling and are just starting to wrap up! Z-man had a great year of kindergarten and fell in love with reading. First thing out of his mouth most days is "Do I have a book to read today?".  Unfortunately it's usually the opposite phrase for Si.... "Do I have to read a book today?" Ha! First grade was great and this year I chose to go the route of a 'boxed' curriculium after seeing if I would like the flexibility of having things all laid out for me. Honestly, the verdict isn't necessarily out yet. We went with My Father's World and although there were several things that I really liked about it (read: how grounded in the Word it is), I'm not sold on the science portion and feel that overall it wasn't very challenging for my kiddos. I've read several blogs and comment boards that say 2nd grade is much better so I think I may give that a try and supplement as needed along the way. That's the thing about homeschooling, if it doesn't work- we can change it!

I've never been more happy by our decision to homeschool. It's truly a blessing!

Both boys are playing baseball again this year and Ty is coaching.  SomehowI got suckered into being the 'team mom'. Okay, okay....I LOVE being the team mom! Ha! Sending out communication emails, keeping the scorebook, getting the kids in batting order, etc. it's fun for me to be involved. Si was home last night sick so Ty took Z-man and he got 2 hits. He was very excited when he got home to tell us that he made it home two times.

Well, that's our very-abbrevieated update. Thanks for reading and I have big plans to continue updating this blog much more regularly with food, DIY, homeschool, and family posts.

our sick day faces

mfw schooling 'your word is sweeter than honey'