Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kiwi Crates

My mother in law has been gifting the boys with the most amazing monthly present. It's called Kiwi Crate and it's awesome!! The boys are literally giddy with excitement when the mail carrier delivers a special green box. Basically Kiwi Crate is a craft in a box sort of thing. It really takes the stress off of me of trying to come up with new and exciting crafts for the boys that doesn't involve crayons, paint or playdoh. (They are getting so sick of just coloring- lol)  They supply you with all of the items to complete that months 'themed craft'. And boy- are they fun!! Some examples have been-decorate your own robot, plant a window garden, kaleidoscopes, etc. From my understanding you choose how many children the gift is for and also some of them have been creative as to let you design things based on gender too. Ex. We got a 'Knight' kit and made a mask and also we dyed a scrap of fabric (that they provided) red (with dye they also provided) BUT- if you had a girl, you could cut the 'mask' into a princess hat and attach the 'red flag' to the top of the hat if your girl was more into that. Anyway- really fun! Thought I'd post some pics of the boys enjoying their Kiwi Crates! Thanks Mammy & Papalu~!