Monday, August 6, 2012

New England Aquarium

       Last month we went to the New England Aquarium with the boys for the second time and they loved it! Last year they were a little small and didn't fully soak up all the aquarium had to offer. It was neat to see the them stop at the posters and displays and want to touch them and have us read them. And little brother was more brave this year to touch a sting ray and man handle a star fish.

        This picture actually was snapped right before he picked it up and then threw it down out because of the texture. Oops!  Big brother was actually interested in the little Q&A stations that were set up throughout the aquarium where if you answered correctly you got a special stamp. It was cute to see him ask me if I could read the little story again so he could be sure he got the right answer. He is our cautious one. Always wants things to be right and perfect. Where or where does he get that from?! ;) 

         After we were done exploring for a couple hours we decided to walk around boston with the kiddos and show them all that the faneuil hall marketplace had to offer. Ahem...thebestcanolies....ahem! It was however 100 degrees outside and it was very short lived. I'm glad we explored a little though because I'd love to go back when the weather is a little nicer and take the kiddos on a little field trip. There is so much history in Boston.

                Well- that concludes our little family outing to Boston. Until next time....