Monday, June 25, 2012


This was the first season that Ty and I officially became sport parents. Both of us grew up playing sports ....ok 'playing' isn't really the right word for it. We both were pretty obsessed with sports and both played on school teams, private leagues, summer camps, all star travel teams, etc. Both of our parents were super involved in our silly little sports dreams from everything to carting us around to practices, scrimmages, games, and tournaments to actually coaching our teams. Basically our lives sort of revolved around sports and our parents fully supported the lifestyle.

I will never look back with regret on those years because I have nothing but fond memories of those days learning the basics of sportsmanship, dedication, hard-work, and self discipline but I don't want to be the crazy family where sports are the center. We want Jesus to be the center. Ty and I will evaluate from year to year by exploring the pros and cons of joining certain teams and ask God for direction in our decisions.

Well this year big brother played Tball! He had a blast and was so sad when the season was over.  Ty actually stepped up into the assistant coach role so me and little brother sat on the sidelines with water bottles, toys, and lawn chairs to cheer on #6! Big brother made some new friends that we will hopefully have the opportunity to set up some play dates with and one team member even lives right behind our house on the next street over! This is great because little brother made great friends with his little brother all season so it's a double score! I want to remember how enjoyable this season was to sit on the sidelines and only have to worry about 2 games a week with no practice and no carting little brother around to his games (if that's even an option next year). Remembering baseball gloves, scrubbing grass stains out of baseball pants, and rushing a quick bath before bedtime were all part of our routine this season :o)
Oh! Here are cute little favors that Big brother gave out to his teammates after the game! 

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