Friday, June 15, 2012

Mother's Day Pillow

Printing on fabric (using your printer!) with freezer paper

For mother's day I like to try and make or obtain some sort of creative gift to honor mom. Yes, it's easy to go to the local restaurant and grab a gift card or fancy a new shirt for mom, but this year I wanted to go for something more sentimental. I saw this on etsy and could instantly envision it on my parents couch. I wasn't however liking the $55 price. (Don't get me wrong- I think it's totally reasonable for something so intricately designed being hand drawn and hand stitched.) I just didn't have the luxury of $55 bones to spend on a pillow or time on my side.  So after researching how someone like me with ZERO stitching ability and a smaller budget could create something like this, I came along this pin on pocket full of whimsy's blog -which I love by the way- and the lightbulb went on!

It's totally tedious to re-type the step by step directions when you can just view them at the link above so I will just add that instead of a picture, I drew up a tree using photoshop and printed that out after saving as a jpeg. I think it came out really cute and mom sure loved it! I say it was a double score cause it was inexpensive and also only took me about 25 min from start to finish!! Hope you will give this a try with a favorite photo or similar technique using any phrase or design you choose cause I think it's super cool and unique!

Here's mine:

Oh, and you should know that I totally used the iron on adhesive to close this pillow! I'm serious when I say...not awesome at sewing ;o)

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