Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Tonight we had a home group meeting here at Grandmaison station and the theme was coffee & testimonies.  We went around the room and each shared about the way God had brought us all to himself. Can I just say that I LOVE hearing people's testimonies?! It's funny because you can know a person for years but sometimes not know how they became a Christian. I think it's really neat to see the unique ways that God reveals himself to us individually. If you are a Christian you have a story. Ty read about the blind man who Jesus healed by mixing his spit and dirt and rubbing it on his eyes. All that blind man could testify about was how once he was blind but now he sees. It's that way with us. We were blind and now we see. Jesus has removed the veil from my eyes & I have been made new! It's funny because there were a few people here tonight who have been raised in a Christian home their whole lives and some (including myself) who've lived our lives totally unreliant on God and even thought the testimonies of each person is so very diverse the main transformation is the same. God has hand picked us just the same whether he's revealed Himself to us when we were 7 or when we were 37 it's still powerful and the angels were rejoicing over us just the same :)
 God, thank you that you are mighty to save and you have given us each a story. It's more than 'theology' and more than 'religion'. Our testimony is something that goes undisputed. It's OUR story- You have made us anew in You and we are forever grateful that first we were blind, but now we see!

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