Thursday, May 24, 2012

Road Trip Basket

Recently I was made aware that some friends were going out of town for a week and would be driving 6+ hours (each way!) with 2 young children.  Now I can't say that I've been in the car that long with my own fam but we do travel to Ty's mom & step dad's house from time to time and although it's less than 3 hours one way, we still get plenty of "are we there yet" and "I'm tired of the car!" complaints.

I started brainstorming on how I could make their trip more peaceful. I gathered the boys and we came up with some ideas together. We settled on a 'Road Trip Basket'! Now, I'm sure there are a zillion people that have made road trip baskets so this is obviously not a new idea, it's just I've never done one or even heard of one before but basically when I can't think of an appropriate gift I always resort to (fill in the blank) in a basket. Ty's dad got a Patriots game day basket for Christmas filled with football stuff, I've given new neighbors 'Welcome to the neighborhood baskets', etc. so a basket filled with road goodies sounded perfect to me! 

We stared out googling some road trip games online and re-worded some of them to be age appropriate for their 5 & 2 year old boys. We ended up finding some really awesome ways to pass the time that we will certainly be using for our boys in the car! Some of the games included; a bible quiz, who am i, pipe cleaner creatures (I included supplies), grocery store game, i spy, team storytelling, & aluminum foil fun (also included supplies). I typed the instructions for each game/activity so it was clearly explained and threw the 'cards' in the basket.  I also included, some non-messy snacks, books, crayons, inexpensive hand-held games, a chalkboard with chalk, & a road trip scavenger checklist.
Funny side note: When we were going to drop off our little surprise basket, my friend mentioned that they had to cancel their trip because her youngest boy was sick :( it's not exactly a funny side note. She still was super grateful and has stored it away for the next road trip! I may actually make one of these puppies for our vehicles. Or even on a smaller scale of just grabbing some dollar store baskets and filling it with toys, games, books, etc. that stay in the car. I bet the items would keep their attention more if they didn't have access to it 24/7. 

Anyone else love putting baskets together? Anybody have any awesome ways that you keep your little ones entertained in the car? 

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