Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dandelion Bread Anyone?

So I came upon this recipe on drumroll please.....pinterest! Did you know that dandelions are full of potassium?! They also contain high levels of iron, boron, calcium, silicon, vitamin C and ounce for ounce have more betacarotene than carrots!! How's that for pesky yellow flowers that ruin your lawn and wilt no longer than 5 minutes after your child has picked them for you and placed them in a vase. So it was no shocker that as soon as I saw the pin I ran to my window to make sure those suckers were still in full swing in the backyard. Sure enough- the harvest was plentiful...oh and F-R-E-E! And you know I like me some free ;o)

When I asked the boys if they'd like to help me with a new recipe that would involve them picking flowers in the backyard, they jumped at the opportunity. So with buckets in hand, we went collecting! (Picture little brother screeching at every bee or fly that was within 20 feet of him) but he did collect a bunch! After we came inside, I carefully inspected every flower for little critters, pulled all the green leaves off, and rinsed them thoroughly. Once dry I got to mixing the ingredients. (Refer to the link above for the recipe) So after preparing the recipe and smelling the oven for 30 minutes, I was so excited to get that bread in my mouth. 
Well.....how was it you ask? BIG FAT FAIL! Just keeping it real people. I was so disappointed. Perhaps because I was picturing more of a banana bread-ish texture but it was so gross dense! Not airy at all.  Hey it looked pretty though! I'm totally not ready to throw in the dandelion bread towel and I'm making it my new mission to find a better recipe. There is one more out there that I found in internet land with a lot more ingredients but perhaps it's worth a try. I'll be sure to post when I've found the winner.

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