Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Welcome To Blog World Grandmaison Station

I know that nowadays blogs are a dime a dozen or perhaps even a penny a dozen.... I even saw a title the other day that said 'blog is the new black'.  I guess you could say that I'm jumping on the blogging bandwagon.  I have no expectations of how this blog will go or if I will even write up a new post daily, but I do desire to use this internet space as my personal way of sharing the ups and downs of everyday life. I'm happy to have a place to look back upon to remember these years when the kiddos are growing like weeds. This time flies by so quickly and with the memory I have, I'd be lucky to remember the big things! I want to soak up all of our family memories and this is a great place to get started. 

We are a Jesus loving, homeschooling, dress up like superheroes everyday, untrained foodies, rule enforcing, full of 'crazy' family and would welcome you on our journey. 

  • (Melissa) ~ A stay at home mom and enjoys baking, play-dates, dinner parties, being hospitable, homeschooling our 2 boys, and enjoys fellowship with friends.
  • (Ty) ~ Dad to our 2 full of life boys and brings home the bacon :) The BEST most wonderful, more than any girl could ask for husband! Ty is the spiritual leader of our home and loves to be active, cook, microbrews, & photography.
  • ('Big Brother') ~ Is our 5 year old and loves his big brother role! He is a smarty pants who is growing up way too fast! He is enjoys homeschool and spiders and is super stoked about his recent transition out of taking naps! He is more reserved and has a kind & generous heart.
  • ('Little Brother') ~ Is the typical little brother who is a 3.5 year old spitfire! You will find little brother in the middle of the action and will 95% of the time be dressed up in some sort of costume.  He is witty and a character and certainly keeps us on our toes!

 Now that you've been introduced to our family I hope you will pop in from time to time.

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