Friday, April 20, 2012


At first you don't like it succeed, try try again. 

When we moved into our house I went a little nuts-o with the painting and decorating. Since my favorite color is yellow, naturally I wanted a yellow room. We picked out the color and I left Ty to paint the office while I took care of the kiddos away from the paint! When I went back to the house, I was so anxious to see the room. I walked in and my stomach dropped to the floor! It was BRIGHT yellow and by bright yellow, I mean double lines in the middle of the street- yellow.
I hated it. I wanted to repaint so bad but I knew Ty had put all that time and effort in all to please me with a pretty yellow room so we worked with it for about a year. It was loud, busy, and we never spend time in there. By the way- this picture doesn't even do it 
<------------ justice! It was brighter in person!  Long story short- (which I think I'm allergic to telling any story quickly) we purchased a new much needed bed and thought we'd put our extra one in the office. LIGHTBULB! We should obviously make the office into a guest room. Now is my chance! Let's re-paint this room and turn it into a nice guest room. Off to work we went.
Poor Ty!
White! The opposite of loud & obnoxious. And so we painted!
Once it was painted, it was like a blank canvas! It was love at first sight! Cozy guest room- here we come. 

Insert pinterest. Hello. my name is Melissa and I have an addiction to pinterest. I went looking for 'pinspiration' and right away I saw the wall stencil from here and knew I was up for the challenge. I should add that it was WAY harder and longer than I anticipated mostly because I have ants in my pants and want a project to be finished quickly. This took a couple months of on and off painting. At first it was therapeutic for me.....then just entirely annoying! You need to have lots of patients (all my friends can start laughing now because you know it's not one of my strong suits!) Anyway- here is a pic of the final guest room all ready for weekend visitors :o)
I lurrrrve it! Hands down my favorite room in our house. (Can you tell I like yellow & gray?!)

Guest room= 90% technically this is ALMOST done. ;)

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