Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pop-Top Gifts


 Last summer I came along this super cute idea from Our Best Bites and was just waiting for the opportunity to make these little guys.  Let me tell you- it took about 15 minutes to complete and the ladies I made them for loved them! 

What you have here is just any ole' can you can find at your local grocery store with a pop top. What I bought were the cans with fruit so I could pop them in the blender for smoothies also a plus is that the inside of the can didn't smell like anything funky like olives, or soup ;o)  (note: you can always freeze the fruit and use it for later)  

  • Turn the can upside down and open the BOTTOM of the can with a can opener. This works much better if you use a smooth edge opener. Do not discard the bottom lid!
  • Empty contents into another container for later use.
  • Remove the label and wash and dry can thoroughly 
  • Fill with whatever goodies you want! Choices are endless- I filled mine with individually wrapped chocolates.
  • Take the bottom lid and hot glue it back onto the bottom of the can. Tip: I filled the chocolates in and then added a small square of tissue paper to the top just to make sure the hot glue didn't seep through to the chocolate.
  • Take any paper (scrapbook, wrapping, ribbon, etc.) and glue or tape it to the can and decorate as you wish! 

These would make really cute teacher's gifts or party favors, etc. Hope you've been inspired for your next gift need!

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