Thursday, April 26, 2012

Opposites Attract

  This is just another small example on how my boys couldn't be more different. This is a picture of their lunch yesterday. Same ingredients and same plates, just a different way of serving them. Big Bro (on the left) wanted his so that he could enjoy all the things separately and little bro wanted his in a inside the pita and his cheese stick whole so he could peel it.  I wanted to blog about this today because I don't want to forget these little things that make me see how my boys have their own little personalities.  

Big brother takes his legos and instantly grabs the directions to build the model exactly how it's 'supposed' to go. Little brother takes his legos and makes a trail with them or balances them on his head and walks down the hallway. Big brother likes to wear socks all the time and little will take his off 5 minutes after they are put on.  Little wants milk, big wants water. Big is sporty and athletic and little would prefer to throw on a costume and do a dance. Big loves bugs and little runs as fast as he can at the glance of a fruit fly.  It's these little differences that make me smile and realize that even though they are only a year apart and came from the same womb that their differences are what make them unique.

I can't wait to see see what they will be like even a few years from now. Will they still have lots of differences? Will they start showing interest in the same things? Either way, I think it's fun to see these small differences and enjoy the diversity :o)

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