Thursday, April 12, 2012

Little Brother

So as I've mentioned, little brother is quite the character. He is full of life, goofy, and high energy from sun up till sun down. This has been a bit of a tough week for him though. 
I've been self reflecting on how my parenting has molded this little guy. While at prayer group this week someone mentioned to me something that was quite refreshing. "Isn't it hard for us as parents not to take the credit when our child does something inappropriate or is having a bad day?" she said. It's that very thing that I wrestle with daily. When little brother is throwing a fit or having unacceptable behavior, I immediately look at myself. "Why doesn't he listen to me and his father when we tell him that's not okay." or " Am I not teaching him that it's wrong to behave that way in a fashion that he can understand" or "I can't believe that he just did that- I'm utterly mortified!"  I know that as a parent you child is going to do and say things that we are embarrassed about and it's not a direct reflection of our parenting or relationship with them that makes them do it. We've actually made up some family rules this week and at lunch time I have been bringing them out and giving the boys a thorough explanation of the rules and the importance of each one. It's funny to hear them give specific examples of what to do or not to do. (ie. "So if we are being generous, that means we should give some kids some of our toys?!" "Ohhhh so when we are jumping on the couch that means we shouldn't anymore?", etc.)

Jesus has made little brother to be full of passion about things, strong minded, outgoing, and have a great sense of humor. I know that God is going to use those very things that we see as 'challenging' characteristics now to grow him into the man that he will become.  God has hand-picked us to parent him and knows the challenges and adventures that we'll face together. I'm so thankful for little brother and the excitement that he brings to our family. Jesus would you use this season of our life to help mold him in to the respectful, caring, generous man that you want him to be. Thank you for the privilege of raising these two boys that we love so much! 

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