Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Easter

   This year we got together with my sister & her fam and colored eggs together. Seven kids ages 7 and under...yup! :o) It was fun and probably a breath of fresh air for the boys to get messy for a change! Note to self: I need to let them get messy more often! They are boys!

So 4 dozen eggs later and a whole lot of dyed hands and fingers they were free to go wild and play! 

Next year I want to remember to do a fun little activity with them that involves learning more about the why we celebrate Easter.  I want to start collecting some items that are associated with the resurrection and have each kid select an item and explain how it fits into the story of the resurrection.  Some items that are on my list are: a tomb (made of rocks), a cross, a lamb, 30 pieces of silver (silver coins), a rooster, thorns, an angel, small piece of purple fabric, a spear, etc. I think it would be really educational for them to have a hands-on approach for the learning to sink in. Plus- it'd be fun!

Easter morning the boys woke up and each found 25 eggs (each) around the house and ate off their chocolate bunnies ears! This was a HUGE treat for them to have chocolate with their breakfast! I'm on a mission to find some crafty or educational ways to use up the empty eggs. I refuse to let them get broken and crushed up at the bottom of the toy box this year! If you have any awesome ideas- please comment at the bottom and share them! So far I've found this popsicle idea, this awesome tea-light stand, and this awesome bento-esque way of serving kiddos snacks or lunch! 

We then got ready for church (which I should mention was a 10am easter service!! SO MUCH BETTER than the yucky 1:30pm service we have normally) 

And easter night was complete with burgers on the grill and family a devotional at the table. It was by far the most laid-back easter that we've ever had and it was actually nice to just chill and not fuss over a big meal for dinner. Who likes ham anyway?! Not me!

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