Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Family Movie Night

Monster's Inc.

We've started a family tradition to have a movie night once a month. The.Boys.Love.It.  This was the first of I'm sure many we will enjoy in the future! We chose a movie that we knew they love but hadn't seen in a while so it would captivate their attention. Ty took them in the playroom and they had a nice competitive game of basketball while I ran and got the decorations. ( And by decorations I mean some coloring pages I printed out and streamers- nothing fancy!) I also made some 'Monster Muffins' that took about 30 seconds to put together. No seriously- 30 seconds! HERE is the recipe from Hungry Girl's blog. Oh and disclaimer: she doesn't call hers monster muffins, lol.

The kids came out of the playroom and were giddy to see the transformed living room. I think family movie nights are going to be a big hit. Honestly I think the kids were so excited for the obvious reasons like treats, decorations, & movie but I think that they were just joyful that Ty and I sat with them and we all enjoyed the movie together. I have to admit that when we let the kids watch television it's usually because I have laundry to get in or I need to shower or clean the house, etc. so we all aren't usually plopped in front of the tv together. 

So there you have it, our first family movie night.  I'd like to continue them for as long as we can and I really hope that we can make fun memories for the boys to always cherish!!


  1. This is so cute! What a neat tradition! No doubt your kiddos will remember this their whole lives!

  2. Thanks Katie! You are my first commenter-ever! :o) Just started blogging about 2 weeks ago and recently stumbled along your blog and I love it, your family is so cute!