Friday, May 9, 2014


I guess there comes a point, when most people that write a blog for some reason or another takes a hiatus. Mine just so happened to last about a year! Eek!

We've had a wonderful year of homeschooling and are just starting to wrap up! Z-man had a great year of kindergarten and fell in love with reading. First thing out of his mouth most days is "Do I have a book to read today?".  Unfortunately it's usually the opposite phrase for Si.... "Do I have to read a book today?" Ha! First grade was great and this year I chose to go the route of a 'boxed' curriculium after seeing if I would like the flexibility of having things all laid out for me. Honestly, the verdict isn't necessarily out yet. We went with My Father's World and although there were several things that I really liked about it (read: how grounded in the Word it is), I'm not sold on the science portion and feel that overall it wasn't very challenging for my kiddos. I've read several blogs and comment boards that say 2nd grade is much better so I think I may give that a try and supplement as needed along the way. That's the thing about homeschooling, if it doesn't work- we can change it!

I've never been more happy by our decision to homeschool. It's truly a blessing!

Both boys are playing baseball again this year and Ty is coaching.  SomehowI got suckered into being the 'team mom'. Okay, okay....I LOVE being the team mom! Ha! Sending out communication emails, keeping the scorebook, getting the kids in batting order, etc. it's fun for me to be involved. Si was home last night sick so Ty took Z-man and he got 2 hits. He was very excited when he got home to tell us that he made it home two times.

Well, that's our very-abbrevieated update. Thanks for reading and I have big plans to continue updating this blog much more regularly with food, DIY, homeschool, and family posts.

our sick day faces

mfw schooling 'your word is sweeter than honey'

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Home Education

I'll be the first to say that after one month of homeschooling I was ready to throw in the towel. I had NO IDEA how hard it was going to be. I had all of these thoughts going through my head (lies from the enemy) that I wasn't good enough or patient enough or smart enough, or laid-back enough, etc.  It really messed with me and I felt like if I continued on one more day I would certainly screw up my children for the rest of their lives. They would definitely grow to resent me for not giving them the 'normal' childhood and the classroom full of peers along with the teacher that was super put together with a great curriculum and as nice as pie. Dirty at recess, messy art projects and science experiments with actual 'equipment' that they could collaborate with other classmates on.

I struggled for weeks thinking this way. I laid in bed almost every night with tears running down my cheeks wondering if I was cut out for homeschooling. I'd wake up the next morning to start our day and things would run smoothly. I'd give myself pep talks about how it's a new day and I was going to be a great teacher for my boys and then...WHAM! Big brother would fall out of his chair and Zman would think it's time to put on his superman cape and fly his stuffed animal around the room... the thoughts creep in again. Those whispers that I'm not good enough. The feeling of defeat.

The truth is- those are LIES from satan. I know I'm not perfect and I know that I could certainly use a little more grace in the patients department, but I am not going to let lies defeat me. When praying about the decision to homeschool or not, my husband and I did everything to make sure we heard from the Lord. We've always had that on our hearts and the closer it came for Big Brother to enter Kindergarten the more real it got. The sleepless nights, meeting with friends to pray, the pros & cons lists were just the start. In the end, we really feel like this is what the Lord is calling us to- and that's enough.

God doesn't want us thinking about anything by default. Just because *most* kids are taught outside the home, doesn't mean that it's 'right'. God commands us to be transformed by renewing our minds with His truth so we can think like He thinks and that includes our thoughts on parenting and education.  I simply cannot imagine sending our children to school for MOST of the day for MOST of their childhood in an atmosphere that is not centered around Jesus.  Our children are treasures entrusted to us by God and He has given them to us to invest for eternity.  I can go on forever about our conviction to homeschool and I know that we said that we were going to take it year by year and child by child but the more I'm in the Word and the more God speaks to us we are positive that we are supposed to homeschool for this season and that is such a beautiful feeling when things get tough.
My little reader ;o)

Things have been getting better and better around here. Routine has been key for us and we just started a new curriculum last week that we so far LOVE. I'm sure a lot more of my posts on here will be homeschool related because let's be takes up about 80% of my day!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

30 by 30

Ok so I did a post at the very beginning about embarking on a weight loss journey. At that point I had lost 15 lbs and was hoping at some point to give an update on here as I continued to work it.
You may be asking what the title means. Well I didn't want to say it out loud since I was terribly afraid to fail but I made a personal goal to lost at least 30 lbs. by 30 yrs. old. I'm happy to say that I'll be 30 on Monday (Ok...I'm totally not happy to say that!) but I've lost 34 lbs. so I completed my mini-goal! Woo-Hoo! We just canceled our gym memberships last month since I can no longer justify spending the ridiculous amount each month for membership. The pressure is on to keep active and healthy while I continue to drop these last 15ish lbs.

I can honestly say that I'm so happy to throw away some of my fat girl jeans and never look back! God really has given me the strength to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I'm not perfect but I'm also steps beyond where I was in terms of calorie consumption! I've also noticed that I've had more energy and motivation to do little things with the kiddos that I didn't realize I wasn't doing before. Silly dance parties in the living room, more energy to build towers out of trios, etc.

Well...hoping yet again that this post will get an update and I can use it as public motivation for that extra push in shedding these last handful of lbs!
This picture is reminding me to do a post on the amazing shower I co-hosted!
Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kiwi Crates

My mother in law has been gifting the boys with the most amazing monthly present. It's called Kiwi Crate and it's awesome!! The boys are literally giddy with excitement when the mail carrier delivers a special green box. Basically Kiwi Crate is a craft in a box sort of thing. It really takes the stress off of me of trying to come up with new and exciting crafts for the boys that doesn't involve crayons, paint or playdoh. (They are getting so sick of just coloring- lol)  They supply you with all of the items to complete that months 'themed craft'. And boy- are they fun!! Some examples have been-decorate your own robot, plant a window garden, kaleidoscopes, etc. From my understanding you choose how many children the gift is for and also some of them have been creative as to let you design things based on gender too. Ex. We got a 'Knight' kit and made a mask and also we dyed a scrap of fabric (that they provided) red (with dye they also provided) BUT- if you had a girl, you could cut the 'mask' into a princess hat and attach the 'red flag' to the top of the hat if your girl was more into that. Anyway- really fun! Thought I'd post some pics of the boys enjoying their Kiwi Crates! Thanks Mammy & Papalu~!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Play with your food

 I just came across some pictures on my camera from some time ago and remembered this awesome breakfast that I did with the kiddos one morning. I saw it online a while back (there are a zillion sites). So when the boys woke up I had plates, bread, paint brushes and my milk & food coloring mixtures all set up on the table. The excitement on their faces was priceless lol (I really need to let them to 'crafts' more!)  Simple instructions: Paint your bread :o) Little brother painted until his bread was totally sopped with liquid while big bro meticulously wanted to cover his bread with all the different colors without mixing them on the bread.  Once they were done, I popped them in the toaster, whipped up some scrambled eggs and served their masterpieces.

I was thinking that this would be fun to do on birthdays or father's day with special messages on the bread to serve breakfast in bed! Possibilities are really endless and 9 times outta 10 I'm guessing we all have these ingredients on hand. Now that I found this (from almost a year ago!) I think it's about time to pull this idea out of the bag again!

Monday, August 6, 2012

New England Aquarium

       Last month we went to the New England Aquarium with the boys for the second time and they loved it! Last year they were a little small and didn't fully soak up all the aquarium had to offer. It was neat to see the them stop at the posters and displays and want to touch them and have us read them. And little brother was more brave this year to touch a sting ray and man handle a star fish.

        This picture actually was snapped right before he picked it up and then threw it down out because of the texture. Oops!  Big brother was actually interested in the little Q&A stations that were set up throughout the aquarium where if you answered correctly you got a special stamp. It was cute to see him ask me if I could read the little story again so he could be sure he got the right answer. He is our cautious one. Always wants things to be right and perfect. Where or where does he get that from?! ;) 

         After we were done exploring for a couple hours we decided to walk around boston with the kiddos and show them all that the faneuil hall marketplace had to offer. Ahem...thebestcanolies....ahem! It was however 100 degrees outside and it was very short lived. I'm glad we explored a little though because I'd love to go back when the weather is a little nicer and take the kiddos on a little field trip. There is so much history in Boston.

                Well- that concludes our little family outing to Boston. Until next time....

Monday, June 25, 2012


This was the first season that Ty and I officially became sport parents. Both of us grew up playing sports ....ok 'playing' isn't really the right word for it. We both were pretty obsessed with sports and both played on school teams, private leagues, summer camps, all star travel teams, etc. Both of our parents were super involved in our silly little sports dreams from everything to carting us around to practices, scrimmages, games, and tournaments to actually coaching our teams. Basically our lives sort of revolved around sports and our parents fully supported the lifestyle.

I will never look back with regret on those years because I have nothing but fond memories of those days learning the basics of sportsmanship, dedication, hard-work, and self discipline but I don't want to be the crazy family where sports are the center. We want Jesus to be the center. Ty and I will evaluate from year to year by exploring the pros and cons of joining certain teams and ask God for direction in our decisions.

Well this year big brother played Tball! He had a blast and was so sad when the season was over.  Ty actually stepped up into the assistant coach role so me and little brother sat on the sidelines with water bottles, toys, and lawn chairs to cheer on #6! Big brother made some new friends that we will hopefully have the opportunity to set up some play dates with and one team member even lives right behind our house on the next street over! This is great because little brother made great friends with his little brother all season so it's a double score! I want to remember how enjoyable this season was to sit on the sidelines and only have to worry about 2 games a week with no practice and no carting little brother around to his games (if that's even an option next year). Remembering baseball gloves, scrubbing grass stains out of baseball pants, and rushing a quick bath before bedtime were all part of our routine this season :o)
Oh! Here are cute little favors that Big brother gave out to his teammates after the game!